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Organic Sprouts in Capsules

SUPER VEGGIES at ImmunoQuest

Organic Sprouts in Capsules is a food health product by ImmunoQuest (www.iq-quest.com). Here's what ImmunoQuest say about the product: SUPER VEGGIES - Vegetable Sprouts in capsules are organic, 100% pure, dehydrated, whole sprouts! Eating OUNCES of Sprouts, especially broccoli, is like eating POUNDS of adult vegetables in anti-cancer activity. Sprouts help you meet the FDA, NCI, ACS recommended "Vegetable Quotient". This helps you fight Appetite, Cancer, Cholesterol, and Fatigue. 90% of us do not eat enough vegetables...Super Veggies make it easy and convenient to "Eat Your Vegetables!".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.iq-quest.com affiliate program was with PlugInGo which has now GONE, but we have agreed a Reciprocal Link with Immunoquest!

Also see http://nutritionalproductsstore.com (gone) and http://discountdrugcenters.com (domain lost)

Incidentally, the new domain for Immunoquest is www.iq-lab.com , whereas www.iq-quest.com is now a software company in Brunei. I wonder if they'd like a reciprocal link too?!