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OutSmarted.com and


This used to be a business who advertised through PlugInGo, but that was a long time ago.

In their own words: "We have 2 websites; Submit Smart and Outsmarted. Submit Smart just got BIGGER! - much BIGGER! The Perfect website submission and web site promotion service. Submit your URL to 600,000+ search engines, directories and other FFA links pages."

Not only has the affiliate program gone, but both of those "Smart" domains had been lost when last checked (2006/08). Also, if you ever decide to Submit Your Website to search engines, try to avoid paying too much money for something you can get free by just having an AddMe (see Zyra.org.uk front page) and having few helpful links with a few other people. Search engines have become more SMART over the years, and permanence of content is more important than pushing your site. (Be especially wary of places offering to submit your site every month). With most search engines, you only need to tell them once, and then you just wait. It's better to build a good website than it is to try to outsmart the search engines. See the Google Problem

Outsmarted? As in "cunning as a fox". Also see Smart Price stuff at Asda, and other fox related stuff.

Link here if you'd like to see what a discontinued Actual Link page looks like!

Affiliate program was with PlugInGo and is now bunged up

If you'd like to find out what all this "affiliate" stuff is, this is all explained at the page What Is Affiliate Marketing