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Pond Keeper
Specialists in Water Features for Gardens (UK)

If you are planning on installing a pond in your garden, you can't afford not to look at Pond Keeper. There's a huge selection and they boast some of the best prices on the web. Have a look for yourself.

Pond Keeper:Pond Keeper

"Welcome to Pondkeeper

Fishing out the best deals on the Net.

A warm welcome to our web site. Our aim is simple, to enable you to create and maintain your own garden pond. We stock the very latest pond goods at the best prices, so whether you're thinking of installing a new pond or want to improve your existing water garden we can help.

Pondkeeper offers the gardener everything they need to create and maintain a pond. Products are price checked to ensure that they among the lowest in the UK.

Having spent the last five years working in the water gardening industry we believe that we can provide just what you are looking for:Pond Keeper

Specialising in pond liners a promotion will run all year offering half price underlay to customers purchasing a pondliner".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Pond Keeper

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