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Are you troubled by nuisance birds, that make too much noise or poop all over the place? If so, take a look at all of the products at Bird-X and see if they can solve your problem.


"Bird-X Inc. was established in Chicago in 1964.

Its first product was an ultrasonic bird repellent engineered to affect pest birds using a ultrasonic audio signal undetectable to human ears.

Over the past forty-five years, Bird-X has continued to develop unique and effective bird control products and now offers a full arsenal of bird repelling devices and other pest and critter deterrents.

Bird-X's policy is to provide non-lethal, humane, environmentally safe and ecologically sound products.

We regularly receive referrals from the Audubon Society, the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Animal Damage Control division of the USDA".

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