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How to set ActiveX to PROMPT and thereby avoid catching something very nasty and infectious!

The method varies for different browsers and operating systems. The most vulnerable operating system is Microsoft Windows in its various manifestations, especially the more recent versions.

Here's the method for Internet Explorer:

1. Start Internet Explorer.

2. Click on TOOLS.

3. Click on Internet Options.

4. Click on Security.

5. Click on Custom Level.

6. Go through the list and where anything is ActiveX, click on the option that says PROMPT.

7. Click OK, Yes, etc... until it goes back to normal.

8. Check it's truly set to PROMPT by looking at a site which has ActiveX (there are a number of them mentioned on the CARS page) and see if it says "Do you want to run ActiveX controls yes/no?".

9. Watch out for that ActiveX warning in future and if you see it make a decision for yourself whether it's a good idea or not. For example: If it's in an e-mail, it's almost certainly NOT a good idea. If the e-mail is blank, NEVER ALLOW IT! If it's on a website that you trust, especially one that is supposed to be showing movies, then it's probably safe. But in most cases ActiveX are at best just an extra flashy feature. It's up to you to decide whether you allow it. It's often ok, but there is a risk. Beware! Be careful where you allow ActiveX and you might avoid catching a virus!

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