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Also see Advertisements and Advice

You see plenty of ADVERTISEMENTS around all over the place, on the Internet, in the newspapers, on the television, etc, sometimes in splat advertising, for a wide variety of products and services. Some of the stuff on offer is very worthy and it's nice to see people informing you about the availability of the items. However, stuff which is in advertisements isn't necessarily the best advised stuff! For example you often see advertisement for credit cards, but the rival philosophy of CASH is not so well advertised even though it is much more advisable to avoid getting into debt. Similarly, BUY A NEW THREE PIECE SUITE (see furniture) is always well advertised, but you don't generally see an informative announcement reassuring you that your old three-piece suite is perfectly ok and will last many more years if you look after it. Plus, Join the AA/RAC is there to be seen, but "learn how to mend your own car" isn't publicised so much. And in computer operating systems, Microsoft Windows is advertised in a lot of places, but the rival LINUX which is much better and given away free isn't advertised so much! Religion of various types gets a huge amount of selling by believers who are besotted with it, whereas in contrast the good sense idea of not having a fixed faith/dogma based religion goes underpublicised, as moderate agnostics and atheists tend to be less evangelical in pushing their belief set.

So, this philosophical concept of ADVISEMENTS is here to make this point and to announce products and services which are ADVISABLE rather than just because they make money.

There are of course Advertisements on this site, and you can read about the interesting advertising policy at this site, but there are also many things mentioned which are just ADVISABLE. Here are some of them:

StarOffice is a multi-platform business software package

Linux is a free operating system

Quiet Fishtank and other Shareware Inventions

Buying computers from proper computer shops

Books given away free at Gutenberg

Never mind Sky TV (much advertised, monopolistic, and quite expensive), instead see Alternative Satellite TV (unadvertised, wide open, and free)

* 411 # / # 411 # - Charge Advice - useful but grossly undersold

No need to replace your old three piece suite

You don't need a franking machine - use stamps instead!

and Anti-Virus measures (which are advisable but we don't make money from) in contrast to Anti-Virus software which we do make money from.

Plus, the antidote to "Make our site your homepage" is seen in How to Redefine your own Homepage

Other products which need to be recommended can be added by e-mail

Also there is a lot of useful advice here: ADVICE