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Redefine the heading of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to whatever you want

If you've got the Microsoft browser Internet Explorer and/or the Microsoft e-mail client software Outlook Express, you may notice that it tends to get named after the last ISP to have installed it on your computer, for example, "Internet Explorer provided by BT Internet" or "Outlook Express provided by Freeserve" etc. How would you like to be able to rename it, so it says something you have defined?! Well now you can. Here's the method for renaming Outlook Express and/or Internet Explorer. Take it carefully as the detail is important.

To rename these programs you need to run a file called something.INS which will change the things at the top of the page. In the following example Internet Explorer gets the bit that says "...provided by [ISP]" replaced by "...I wonder what this would look like in Linux" and Outlook Express is re-entitled "Spam Handling Internet Telecommunicator", but you can change these to be whatever you like.

1. First, create a new .txt file and copy the stuff below into it:

Internet Setup (.INS) File

Window_Title=Spam Handling Internet Telecommunicator

Window_Title=I wonder what this would look like in Linux?!


2. Alter and check the material in the file is exactly what you want. Note: At your own risk be this! I'm just trying to help.

3. Then, rename that file to be named silly.ins , being careful to ignore the message that says renaming the extension may affect the functionality of it!

4. Double-click on silly.ins to run it.

5. Check the heading of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to make sure they are what you want.

6. Hide the file silly.ins to stop it being accidentally run by other folk.