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Fruit, with amusing connotations

There's always something "funny" about the banana. Whereas Apple gets companies named after it, and Orange gets mobile phones named after it, and Apricot gets computers named after it, BANANA seems too easy to slip up on.

Bananas grow wild in tropical places such as Belize and Panama. Fresh locally-grown bananas taste individually slightly different from each other.

Here are a few pages about bananas, or where bananas are mentioned in passing...

Picture of a Straight Banana at a posh restaurant in Panama

The Banana's Skin was the cause of the accident - extreme apostrophe!

Gecko hiding under a Banana

Selective Baddening of Bananas - Mysterious name appearance in fruit - miracles!

Banana Shoesstraight banana

Banana Shoes kinky handbag

Blue Banana - alternative fashion

Best Before Date - practical experiment which shows the nonsense

Black Banana - dark alternative fashion

Lillo's Italian Restaurant - used to be a banana ripening house

Compost - natural recycling

Fruity Browser test - an orange and a banana, hosted differently, showing up snags in browsers.

Basket Ware - some of the basketware is made from banana-leaf

Time - Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana

The Speed of Light as a Speed Limit? - spacetime was bent like a banana!

Don't say FORWARD-SLASH! - the microsoftism to be abolished with the help of bananas

Optimum Size for Hard Disc Drive - value-for-money using a banana-related allegory

Free PC Keyboard - it has been found that a banana box can contain eleven computer keyboardsGecko hiding under a banana

...and other pages, probably.

Websites about bananas include which has plenty of useful information on how to grow bananas.

Other notes:

* Bananas in the diet help to swing your sodium/potassium balance towards potassium. Just the thing if you are too far towards the sodium end through eating too much salt!

* Bananas are a source of ethylene gas. This is the same gas which it has been said helped the Oracle of Delphi to reach a state of mystical trance. This suggests a possible experiment could be conducted to see if bananas (in sufficient quantity) could be used for prophesy.

* A person who is insane may be said to have "gone bananas". This is one of many terms for madness