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Originally FRUIT, but later companies and organisations took on the name. The word "APPLE" is memorable, being one of the first words a child is taught, it being typically among Ball, Cat, Dog, and Egg etc as words to associate with letters of the alphabet. Apple also has various myth and legend associated with it, for example the Garden of Eden in christian mythology, classic stories such as the Apple of Eris, the legend of William Tell, the fairytale of Snow White, etc. In modern times, there are a few companies called Apple, New York is known as The Big Apple, and causing a fuss is known as "upsetting the apple cart".

This page lists entities called APPLE...

Apple - FRUIT

Apple - The record label of The Beatles

Apple - Computer company

Apple - Vacation company

Apple Taxis - in Lincolnshire

Ape and Apple - fashion

Shabby Apple - fashion

Apple - The Big Apple - New York

Apple - Gweneth Paltrow's daughter!

Is your company/organisation APPLE? If so, how about getting it included on the list here? Or do you know of any more APPLE enterprises or organisations? e-mail me here