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a tiny gecko hiding under a banana

Geckos are small lizards, reptiles living in tropical places. They are wild, but stray into people's houses. They are often made welcome as they are predatory upon critters that are more harmful. Also, geckos are not scary, so it's like spiders being a good thing to have in a house, but without the fear.

The largest gecko I've seen was about 6in long, but they are usually smaller. The gecko in the photo (hiding under a banana) is about 1in.

Geckos, even the ones that are 6in long, have a seemingly super-power ability to walk up walls, and across ceilings. They have naturally evolved nanotech feet. They can even walk up glass.Gecko

Although not fluffy like a cat, some geckos have catlike eyes, and most geckos have predatorial habits. As well as chasing insects and other small prey, geckos will chase laser-pointers, as cats do. However, geckos can walk up walls, so they present an extraordinary entertaining spectacle to anyone who takes a laser-pointer on holiday.

There are different species of gecko, and more info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gecko

I intend to put some more gecko pictures on some pages, as I'm sure I'm likely to encounter some geckos in interesting opportunistic photo shots now that I've emigrated to Panama

It is perhaps a strange idea that any reptiles can be "cute", but the gecko seems to be.

Here's a larger version of the picture:


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