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Cold-blooded creatures that are often misunderstood

Reptiles are animals whose physiology is different to mammals in some notable ways. Reptiles are cold-blooded, which (leaving aside poetic associated notions) means that their body temperature can rise and fall according to the environment.

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The study of reptiles is known as herpetology.

If you want to keep reptiles as pets, you should become knowledgeable about them in advance rather than find out the hard way. There are plenty of resources online to help you to gain the expertise to look after reptiles properly.

If you want to keep a crocodile without any fuss, get a handbag.

Dragon at Custard Factory BirminghamReptiles tend to get a bad press in popular fiction especially sci-fi. It's as if they are a ready-made model of aliens which can be adapted, and they are usually pictured as the baddies. Prejudice against reptiles, and cyborgs, is the result of writers trying to find some sort of xenophobic target with impunity.

Reptiles have historically been misunderstood by people, possibly because of instinctive fears. Snakes especially get much maligned.

Dragons, in their various forms of fantastical reptilians, often get treated better in works of adventurous fiction.

Another interesting point: There is a curious conspiracy going around that many famous political figures are alien reptiles in disguise. However, it should be relatively easy to put this to the test, scientifically.