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At the Custard Factory, Birmingham


This extraordinary photograph shows a large DRAGON perched on the wall at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Sceptics may have dismissed claims of such sightings of "a dragon" by people who have been to parties there and had a few drinks. Also, if you were invited to a barbecue, if you're of a nervous disposition you might not go. However, we are reassured it's quite safe, even when someone proposes a toast.

To find out more about the Custard Factory in Birmingham, see www.custardfactory.com - was www.bareau.tv - but both of these web locations have now apparently GONE.

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Live ReptileIn case you're wondering how real some of these things are, the picture to the right of here shows a live reptile which seems to have a dragon-like appearance to it, although to be fair it was somewhat smaller (about 3ft long). That's a green iguana, photographed in a swimming pool in Panama. Though neither fire-breathing nor flying, its claws would be something to beware of, and it had a variety of unusual defensive modes which are explained at the tale of adventure regarding this lizard in Panama in case you're interested.

Also, geckos are small reptiles which are able to walk up walls, in the style of the dragon depicted on the wall in Birmingham. They can even walk up glass. Is this magic? No, it's organic nanotechnology.