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Birmingham - a major city in the UK. Much understated. This page includes a few links, but there is always a lot more in Birmingham than is estimated (even if you take that statement into account).

In the year 2001, Birmingham was being rebuilt! Or at least it seemed that way at the time, as there was a very large section in the centre which was one of the biggest building sites in Europe. You could lean on the parapets and watch the city being built in ongoing construction of epic proportions. Truly spectacular!

If you'd like to see what the centre of Birmingham looks like now the construction is completed, see this neo-futuristic scene

Birmingham was originally named after the chief Beorm, whose people were the Beormings, and who lived in the hamlet called Beorming-Ham.

www.birmingham.org.ukThe Rotunda
- guide to the city of Birmingham

My Brum.co.uk
- a MyVilliage Guide!

- restaurants and hotels

- by Trinity Mirror Digital Media

- about the new developments in Birmingham

Virtual Birmingham
- Your Gateway to Birmingham
(was www.virtualbirmingham.co.uk)

Birmingham Tourist InformationDebenhams - Britain's favourite department store

Hotels in Birmingham - evidently Lodging.com no deep-linking.

Britannia Hotel www.britannia-hotels.co.uk


The Sozo Collective
INTERVENTION Project - converting housing into Art - was www.sozocollective.org.uk



Jurys Doyle Birmingham Hotel

National Exhibition Centre (NEC)Dragon

Rotunda One Five
- The Birmingham Alliance - was www.rotundaonefive.co.uk

Atlantic Shopping - online furniture showroom shipping furniture round the world, especially Bar Stools

EBR Hotels
- and EBR Event Management - gone - domain http://www.ebrhotels.com lost!

The Rag Market

Oasis Centre

Mayfair Centre

(still trying to locate site. Incidentally, that IS the correct spelling)

The Floozy in the Jacuzzi

The Famous Custard Factory

also see Alternative Market

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