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Oasis Centre


112-114 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6SX, UK

There's a lot of interesting places in a building near the Virgin Megastore. Shops, stalls, a maze of corridors and stairs.

A few of the places with links so far are:


Cloggs - Gothic items and kinky boots

Top Rock

Anna Bee +44 (0) 121 710 5430 - apparently moved to Vyper Clothing (although this is not in the Oasis Centre) http://www.myspace.com/vyperclothing and then moved back to Oasis! Also see Crazy Hair Colour.com

Airy Fairy Shop - was http://www.airyfairyshop.com/

Dog Tag Tees

Jackal - gone? Yes, that is now confirmed to have gone (2009/07)

Jeans Oasis

Bladerunners Salon - gone? Also confirmed to have gone (2009/07)

The Oasis Fashion Store - was www.theoasisfashionstore.co.uk


Discount Jewellers of Oasis +44 (0) 121 710 5439

Fallout: www.fallout.uk.com - gone

Editions: www.myspace.com/editionsclothing

Discount Jewellery: (no website yet*)

Genesis: (no website yet*)

Vixen Couture: www.vixencouture.co.uk and http://myspace.com/vixencoutureoasis and http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/vixen-couture-oasis

Oasis Tattoos: (no website yet*)

Sting: http://myspace.com/stingstudios

Dark Art Airbrush: www.darkartairbrush.co.uk ?

Phone Surgery: www.phonesurgery.net - gone?

Sobeys: (no website yet*)

My Trainers: (no website yet*)

Matrix: (no website yet*)

Dolly Rockers Clothing: http://www.myspace.com/1dollyrocker

Obsidian Books: http://www.myspace.com/obsidianbooks

We Create: http://wecreate.org.uk

Printees www.printees.net

The Melting Pot (no website yet*)

*YET: This purely means I have not yet discovered they have a website. Also see How to Get a Website (general purpose help). If you are on this list and you now DO have a website, please let me know, and then please be patient while the next issue of this website gets to be published. I am Zyra. I have a website Zyra.org.uk with thousands of pages. I know quite a lot, but not everything.

Thanks Paul! : Paul, manager of The Oasis Centre Birmingham, says 2009/07 "A lot has changed here over the past few months, we now have over 25 stores, and we are soon to launch a new oasis bazaar, with over 25 new shops. Unfortunately not all new shops have a webpage, but I can list them all for you to update your page. They are all at 110-114 Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6SX. Tel: 0121 233 4488"

Oasis Bazaar? We await eagerly to hear of this and to add links where appropriate.

Yes, it's true, many places get a free link from this site, in the cause of promoting Alternativeness! You don't need to have an affiliate program, but it helps! Places with affiliate programs generally get a dedicated page with an affiliate link, which is even better than just having a link.

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