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Oasis Software - found to have disappeared 2006/12 - was

Oasis - Sports centre in Swindon

Oasis - The Band

Oasis - Alternative Market in Birmingham - Australian dating!

Oasis CD - Cassette and CD Duplication

Oasis Stores - Fashion
If this becomes an affiliate program, it will merit a dedicated page like the one for John Lewis

Oasis Sponge - Solid material which gives but holds - used in flower arranging - see florists

Oasis Village - a Holiday Parc part of Siblu

Oasis Property - was

Oasis Watercoolers

Oasis Video - Wet-look video makers - domain appears to have been lost to cybersquatters

Oasis Software - Linoma Software used to supply support for Oasis Software products such as File Access/400 (formerly known as PFE, Passport File Editor), Create Help Utility (CHU) or National Language Support (NLS)


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It's obviously a very desirable name, being originally a haven of lush fertility in an otherwise inhospitable desert. So, a lot of people have called their enterprise "Oasis". Oasis the band was originally named after a sports centre in Swindon, UK. Other instances include an alternative market in Birmingham, a holiday company, etc etc. Fortunately for all the people who are called "Oasis", those generous spirited people at Oasis Software (USA) got registration first, and have seen fit to put links in to many of the others called "Oasis". Well done to Oasis Software at, and if they've missed any, please e-mail