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Now let's get this right. This is a page ABOUT Nova International Services. Some considerable time ago this was a page which linked to Nova International Services, but the affiliate program with LinkShare went offline 2001/07.

About 2001/11 I received a COMPLAINT about things that were to do with Nova International. I must point out that I AM NOT Nova International. However, if anyone would like to tell me about Nova International I'd be interested to hear. e-mail

Initially I was interested in resuming the affiliate link, but considering the problems, I think this would not be good.

Even in the early days there were a huge number of annoying pop-ups on Nova International Services' actual site, and also it broke the backlink on some browsers. This type of thing can be considered very poor form as may indicate a lack of respect for the customers.

I was even less impressed when I received an e-mail 2002/11 saying "Stop these wretched spammers!", which even aside the level of wretchedness of the alleged spamming involved, begs the question as to how we might stop someone else sending spam!

A bit later it got even worse, as a complaint letter was sent by a customer to various consider watchdogs claiming that this site was HOSTING THE SPAMMERS. It's like saying that a newspaper reporting an incident is hosting publicity for the perpetrators of the incident.

Anyway, let's try to clear some of this up:

1. I'm NOT Nova International Services. This is a page ABOUT it! It started out being an advertisement page, but on finding things were going on and some people weren't happy, it became a news page about the issue.

2. A good webmaster never deletes a page, but does something new with it.

3. If you have come here because you are looking for travel agents and hotels etc, you'd better look at the TRAVEL AGENTS and HOTELS pages.

4. If you have some ideas about SPAM, take a look at the pages about SPAM, and for various other matters to do with problems in e-mail, etc, see Rogues Gallery. We're also exposing Pyramid Schemes here. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to realise that this site is on the side on honesty and good practice.

5. Please understand well about this site. Take a look at the front page,Link to ZYRA.org.uk and the site index, and spend a few minutes exploring some of the pages. Zyra's website is: An interesting eccentric site with over a thousand pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects, oodles of fascinating and amusing items, and an encyclopaedic set of things linked together conceptually, plus links to thousands of places around the world. As regards travel links, airlines, hotels, etc, I am not recommending Nova International Services! However, take a look at some travel links at The Travel Page