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Note: There is an update at the end of this page which you should read! Meanwhile, here's the old page:

The PrimeQ affiliate marketing company has a quite different set of merits to those of many of the other affiliate marketing companies, so, depending on how you like to run your affiliate business, this may be for you. PrimeQ is international and has a truly global Internet marketing model, so that's good! Also, there is a noticeable refreshing absence of fuss on joining affiliate programs.

Here's some of what PrimeQ says: "Performance Driven Results: For over a decade, PrimeQ Interactive Advertising (PrimeQ) has been dedicated to offering its advertisers and publishers the most creative campaigns at best payouts to generate targeted leads.PrimeQ PrimeQ owns, hosts and operates hundreds of dot-com properties, generating prospects and campaigns in multiple verticals with a global reach into Europe, Asia and the United States".

I have found that the people at PrimeQ are very keen for you to join. Again, this is a good point about the company. On joining, you get to find out what merchants PrimeQ has on their books, and then you decide who you're going to promote. My own preference is for CPA where I get paid a percentage of the sale, rather than so-many pence/cents per lead for signups. But that's my preference, and yours might be different. If you have a website where you've got millions of visitors and a few percent of them are likely to sign up to some fancy WIN A PRIZE competition, then you might make a fortune. I hope you do! PrimeQ has an excellent second tier commission.

Here's some more shpiel about PrimeQ, by PrimeQ (2007): "GLOBAL REACH: We believe that the online advertising world has a global address. Answering the call from our advertisers and publishers, PrimeQ Interactive Advertising is constantly building partnerships and deploying agents throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers website, “….global online advertising’s access to consumer spending is expected to increase from $57.7 billion in 2002 to $93.1 billion in 2007, a 10% compound annual rate.” * PrimeQ has taken great strides to be certain that we can meet the growing needs of the Global online advertising community. This includes technological developments that enable us to demographically and geographically target an online consumer, by their country and in their language. To develop a relationship as a publisher or advertiser with any of our international partners, please send an email to [address] to discuss business options in your particular market. * http://www.pwcglobal.com (gone) in The Global Outlook for Internet Advertising and Access Spending, 2003–2007" ... "With the ability to target campaigns globally, PrimeQ can work with advertisers and publishers in any language, country or category. Every campaign is carefully crafted, frequently tested and optimized to deliver our clients the very best of interactive online advertising".PrimeQ

Well it's nice to know Price Waterhouse Coopers are pleasantly optimistic about the future of online sales. I'm reasonably confident about it myself and I take a special interest in the shape of the market, trying to encourage good practice in affiliate marketing. You can read more about this by those links at the top of the page if you like, but meanwhile, the matter to hand is to tell you about PrimeQ and to see if you'd like to join. If you would like to make money by your website I think it's worth a look, so here is the link to go to the place (or at least it WAS here):


The link worked on most Internet browsers. When you got there, you could have just filled in your details and the helpful people (at the time) would get back to you soon.

Update 2008: There seems to be some sort of problem, so until this is resolved, the links to http://primequk.directtrack.com/signup/CD677 have been removed. According to various incoming information, PrimeQ have GONE. For one thing, the links to PrimeQ DirectTrack destinations have all become "ERROR CONNECTING TO DATABASE". Also, many people have said things such as "they didn't pay me the affiliate [amount]", and "they didn't pay their rent", and "they didn't pay my salary", etc. Of course this is not conclusive, but when you add it all up it does look a bit worrying. It has even been said that PrimeQ had a separate company in the USA and another in Europe, but then the one in Europe went bust while the other carried on trading. In the old way of doing things, by The Law, that might be OK, but these days we have The Internet, which has a different approach. Companies have to do the right thing and not upset too many people, especially affiliates!

Very few affiliate marketing companies have ever gone out of business. So, it seems very odd to think that PrimeQ is no longer available to talk to about this situation. This happened surprisingly quickly.

If anyone would like to write in and tell us about PrimeQ, please do! You can e-mail. In the meantime, there are plenty of other Affiliate Marketing Companies at this site. If you are wondering What Is Affiliate Marketing, that's explained also!