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The website Zyra.org.uk is quite big and has no broken links within the site, and has a site index of all the items in the site in alphabetical order, and it's spread across multiple ISPs. All this is made possible by software written here! However, the computer programs would need some development to make them into a commercially available software package. So, we're looking for a software company to take on the project! If you're interested, please e-mail me


HTMLIND: Creates a site index with multiple cross-references and lists the whole thing in alphabetical order. Typical result: sindex.htm - This AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED SITE INDEX SOFTWARE is currently being used at THESE SITES

RECENT: Creates a list of everything in the site in date-order to make a "What's New at This Site" page, with optional publication-dates. Typical result : nindex.htm - ALSO checks for Internet vandalism (MS Smart Tags), superfluous e-mail addresses, duplicate titles, and other bad practices in web design.

SENSE: Scans the entire site prior to publication and checks for any broken links within the site. Also checks for unused pages, unused files, errors in html, pages which aren't linked well, etc. Typical result: THE SITE HAS NO BAD LINKS - Also checks for IMAGES WITH NO ALT, colour redefinitions in A HREF, long strings, and loads of other things.

HTMLISP: Rewrites the entire website so that instead of all existing at one ISP it is spread across multiple ISPs. "This site is DISTRIBUTED ACROSS these ISPs by means of a computer program written at Zyra Electric. HTML-ISP can spread a site across an arbitrary number of domains and reconnects all the links so as to seamlessly join it all together even though it's distributed all over the place! This could be developed into a commercial software package. If interested in taking on such a project, please e-mail here and mention HTMLISP". To see the results of this, take a careful look at the page zsites.htm, and also have a look around the Photo Gallery and see the URL change all over the place!

SCRIMP: Rather than uploading thousands of pages every time the site is published, the SCRIMP program is used. This checks every file to see if it's changed from what it was on the previous issue. Only if it's changed it it uploaded. Typical results: SAVED MONEY and SENSIBLE UPLOADING TIMES / TESTING TIMES - Note: It would be impossible to run the site as big as it is without this, as the unreliability of uploading would make it impossible to test it all after the publishing!

HTMLOOSE: Adds links to pages onto a specific according to particular criteria. Such things as where they are hosted, which affiliate marketing company they are with, various strings in names of filenames, and strings found in the body of the page.

HTMLRND: Generates a RANDOM SELECTOR - a feature which allows the visitor to pick a page at random. Unlike Java equivalents, this works on any browser, even those without Java etc, AND also shows which links the visitor has already seen. - There's also a child friendly option to avoid any nasty surprises.

HTMLGEN: Miscellaneous correction of various errors and augmentations of html source-code.

MAKE DATE: Tampers with the dates of files and can FIX dates to whatever they should be despite the files having been changed. No, this is not used for evil purposes, but is used for keeping the NINDEX correct even after it's been altered by HTMLGEN!

CATGREE: Makes a list of categories to help organise the site. Typical result: PAGE OF CATEGORIES

UNIQUE: Allows definition of unique URL for special links. Useful for maintenance of sites containing large numbers of direct links AND affiliate links. Typical result: AVOIDANCE OF LOSS OF AFFILIATE MONEY

ZSYNC: Makes synchronisation possible between two or more separate website development locations.

There are other things that are also included in the software, but this would take far too much going into now.

What's important is that you know that this project is in effect FOR SALE for development as a commercial software package. The software works well here, but it would require some development and refinement to turn it into a commercial software webtools pack. That's why this is an excellent opportunity for a software company to BUY THIS PROJECT and to be famous as the publishers of WEBTOOLS.

How to put in proposals: Write in! Here's the Contact e-mail page. We will need an agreement and a percentage of the sales and a non-disclosure and all that jazz, but we can talk business. Also, a sensible agreement will have to be sorted out as Zyra has written most of the programs, and these have later been developed and refined by Zyra and by Xyroth. We will all have to be happy with the agreement. In the end the important thing is that the technology here would make a great software product and you as a software company could make a lot of money out of it!

EXTRA NOTES: If you're wondering why I didn't develop this myself and sell it as a software package, here's why: Software needs technical support and you need the staff to answer questions. I'm not in good health, and definitely not well enough to do that. Also, software packs have to work on Linux in various forms, the Apple Mac, and on Microsoft operating systems. I can't abide all the faffing-about that has to be done to make things work on Microsoft Windows, Visual-D and all that messing about. PLUS, I have other businesses to run, and do not wish to diversify into the software manufacturing market. So, genuine reason for sale!

So, that's why I am looking for a software company to buy the project, develop the programs, and make lots of money. I need paying, but I am sure we can work out some kind of amicable arrangement. Open to competitive offers and business negotiation. e-mail