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Suggesting some kind of space age Fusion power system maybe?

Here's the front page picture from Zyra's website Issue104 and some of the issues prior to that.

The background suggests some kind of space age high powered system, like those blue pools you see to do with nuclear power, or maybe something more related to fusion power.

The bright orange hair and pointed five sided photo help to distract attention away from the junk in black and white at the bottom of the picture.

Here's the picture as a much higher resolution, although this take up more space, and raises the question of whether you have got broadband on your computer Internet connection:

another fantasy picture of Zyra with the power in the background

These modelling shots take a lot of doing and still have imperfections, but there is a lot of other stuff being worked on at the same place, the material being distributed throughout Zyra International NET and Zyra UK and a few other webspaces. The whole setup does quite well and promotes a great many famous brands, shops, etc. Having vivid hair colours and weird outfits helps!

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