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Delta Magazines

Delta Magazines

Don't pay high street prices for your magazines. Visit Delta Magazines subscribe to your favourites and have them delivered to your door without missing an issue.

Delta Magazines:

"Your first magazine will start arriving within eight to twelve weeks after we receive your order, but it does depend on the frequency of the magazine you've chosen and what part of the Country it is being shipped to.

Please note: All customers that place orders for People magazine will receive the full term they paid for without any interruption. Our vendor submits orders in increments so the expiration dates will constantly get extended until the full term has been complete.

Please be assured that these are standard industry lead times, although it can vary from publisher to publisher. The actual delivery date of your first issue will depend on when the next issue is scheduled to be distributed by the publisher and how frequently the magazine you've ordered is published, although our system does allow the fastest processing possible.


You can place your order for renewals as soon as your original order has been placed, since prices change every week it is a good idea to lock in a low price much in advance of your subscription actually expiring.


We can only refund if the magazine did NOT start in a timely manner. This is due since we prepay for your subscription, and we do NOT get credited for any cancellations".

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Delta Magazines

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