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TuckTech Inc - Tote-N-Boat

Here is the revolutionary Tote-N-Boat by TuckTech Inc. It's a fantastic idea, of a boat in a bag, which eliminates the need for a trailer or roofrack. What's more they SHIP WORLDWIDE! Ooh good!

TuckTech Inc present the Tote-N-Boat:

TuckTech - Tote-N-Boat"The TOTE-N-BOAT starts off as a simple folded sheet of plastic. The Boat & attachments weigh less than 32 pounds. It's so compact it will fit in the trunk of your car. There are no special tools required. 8 hand-tightened bolts and 8 straps and you are in the water!

When Assembled the TOTE-N-BOAT has a Capacity of 450 pounds. It's almost 10' feet long and 36" inches wide at center. It's just as Rigid & Solid as a standard plastic canoe, and so Durable that it will not crack, dent, split, or puncture. Even against the sharpest rocks!

The Unique Design & Engineering of the fold pattern means there are NO OPEN SEAMS below the top of the canoe or in contact with water. Fold lines, or "living hinges", are rated at 90,000 psi. See our FAQ & TECHNICAL PAGE for more information about the Material and Dimension Specs. Countless hours of Research, Design, and Development went into the TOTE-N-BOAT Folding Canoe in order to insure that not only did it meet the requirements needed for portability, but maintained the highest level of performance and style.

Marine Grade Side-Sponsons for added safety and Floatation in case of a tip. 1" inch Thick "Tear-Proof" foam is mounted along each side to allow even a fully swamped canoe get back to shore. Sponsons easily "snap" into place and are held securely when the side rails are strapped on. All TOTE-N-BOAT Folding Canoes come with a set of Side Floatation Safety Sponsons".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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TuckTech - Tote-N-Boat

"What's inside the bag? Tote-N-Boat 10 foot folding canoe. This bag weighs 32lbs and measures 14x48x4 inches. It fits in the back seat or the trunk of your car!"

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