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Whether it's a rucksack or a sleeping bag, Campbound.com have got the outdoor scene and camping covered for kids and teens. Have a look at their website to see what you can find.


About CampBound.com

CampBound.com "CampBound.com is an on-line retail store dedicated to providing affordable quality summer camp and outdoor gear for kids and teens. We offer superior customer service, great selection, knowledgeable staff, and provide cost-effective solutions for families wishing to explore the wonderful world of summer camp and the great outdoors. It is our goal to be a thriving and profitable business while sustaining our community, the planet, and the kids, teens, and families we serve.CampBound.com

Brian Sehner, founder and president of Sundance Outdoors, Inc. created CampBound.com out of his passion for the outdoors and working with youth around the world. Brian has spent several years working in sporting goods retail management and numerous years working with youth in a variety of areas.

Zoe Sehner is our product testing manager who spends the better part of her non-napping day testing products for their durability, strength, and all to often for their taste. Zoe also assists with the disorganization and messiness of the office and provides the background music for a few select customers phone calls. When not working, Zoe enjoys spending time pulling the tails for her two best friends, Ben & Indy (black & brown labs), hiking, biking, and exploring our wonderful world with her mom and dad.

Brian looks forward to assisting kids, teens, and families across the globe as they prepare to venture out to summer camp and the great outdoors".

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