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Mini Tennis Court

Learn to play tennis the easy way with a Mini Tennis Court, who knows there may be a future champ living under your roof!

Mini Tennis Court:

"Tennis Is A Difficult Game To LearnMini Tennis Court

The problem with tennis has always been, how do you quickly and effectively teach children how to play the game...and have them LOVE it at the same time?

Tennis is one of those sports that before playing is even possible, a moderate level of skill is required. With traditional teaching methods it could be months or years before a child acquires the skills needed to play a match!

The number of children who have quit tennis in frustration is astronomical. This should never happen again!

The MiniTennisCourt is a revolutionary new product based upon years of research. Tennis needed a progressive learning system similar to many other sports.

A system that actually allowed children to play matches as they progressed in their abilities. For example, in baseball, a child progresses from t-ball, to coach pitch, to player-pitch on a smaller field, to real, regulation baseball.

There has never been a progressive system like this for tennis...until now".

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