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Momo Automotive Accessories

There aren't many names more famous than Momo Automotive Accessories, in the car accessory world. Back in the day, we remember reading about their products in the custom car magazines.

Momo Automotive Accessories:

"Momo Automotive Accessories provide the finest Italian styled Automotive Accessories.

Momo aftermarket steering wheels, rims, shift knobs, pedals and car accessories are styled with the latest, sleekest and most streamlined look and feel.

Originating in the 1960's, Momo has become renowned for it's quality craftsmanship, expertise and technological innovations and has turned cars 'from simple tools, into a way of life'.

We provide the finest Italian style, a long tradition quality, our racing experience, the technological innovation in respect for the environment, to whom desiring something unique.

We turn cars, from simple tools, into a way of life".

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Momo Automotive Accessories

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