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A J PrindleA J Prindle

Page through the A J Prindle catalogue in the comfort of your home. Go online, visit the website and place your order - simple really.

A J Prindle:

"AJ Prindle & Co was conceived and developed through the perseverance and passions of a team from Ford Unlimited.

In America, our automobiles are an important part of our diverse, multifaceted lives. A nation of road trippers, soccer moms, commuters, mobile professionals, and tailgaters, we practically live in our vehicles.

Everyday we pass each other on the road, each of us living a unique life but also sharing something in common: the joy-and challenge-of being on four wheels.

At AJ Prindle & Co., we pledge to find the kind of products that solve real problems or just make the adventures in your car more fun. We've scoured the market for versatile auto accessories that fit the many areas of your life, bringing them together for the first time in one convenient place.

Our logo, the universal PRND21 gear shift symbol, reflects that commitment to meeting our customers' needs as they shift from work to play to rest and back again".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


A J Prindle

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That's a shame! It's GONE! The affiliate link has stopped working and now says "not found". Therefore this page has been bunged up. Well, let's hope A J Prindle resume having an affiliate program some time. Meanwhile, see other car places, especially US Car Accessories