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Diesel Secret Energy

Spend your money on life, not fuel.

Now you can save dollars at the pump and cut the cost of running your vehicles dramatically! All you have to do is wise up and click on to the Diesel Secret Energy, find out more below.

Diesel Secret Energy:

"Diesel Secret has developed a revolutionary method for producing an inexpensive, high performance fuel that can power ANY DIESEL ENGINE and the cost to you is only a few cents per gallon!

That means dollars of savings for EVERY gallon of our fuel you use!

You have NOT heard of this before. This is an entirely new way in America to make your own fuel from fry oils that takes only minutes.

It can be used as a 100% replacement for petrol diesel fuel OR as a fuel offset by using it with petrol diesel fuel in any percentage you desire.

DSE fuel and petrol diesel fuel are perfectly compatible".

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Diesel Secret Energy

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This is very interesting!

I don't want to spoil "the secret", but it seems this is a special fuel additive which can be used for converting waste food oil from restaurants into a clean form of bio-diesel. It is the additive that costs 46 cents per gallon, although that price is a guess, and the company says it might be slightly more. Then there's the cost of the old vegetable oil. Now how much do you think it costs to buy waste oil from a restaurant? Well, it depends on various things. For one thing, currently restaurants are often having to pay good money to get rid of it! So, you could end up making money from oil.

It's bad news for Saudi Arabia and anyone else in the business of extracting oil out of the ground and money out of the motorist. Ultimately, though, fossil fuel oil will run out. Then, it will be a matter of everyone running their vehicles on naturally renewable energy. Waste oil from food places is renewable, as it was food quality when it arrived, and it came from food, and food is grown. So, the CO2 has come from the Earth's atmosphere recently, not from ancient fossil reserves. So, the fuel is ecologically friendly and entirely renewable.

Many years ago I realised this idea was possible in principle, to power a car off fish and chip oil. Fish and chip shops have to change their 60 gallons of oil every six weeks, so the supply of oil was practical. However, I didn't know a way to make the fish and chip oil compatible with the vehicle engine. In contrast, these people DO! So, this seems to be a remarkable opportunity. It should be good for a few years, and then when everyone's doing it, the price of old food oil will start to reach the market price. It should still be less than fossil fuel, which by then will be even more expensive.

If you fancy giving this a try, good luck! Please write to me and tell me how you get on. I am willing to publish customer testimonials on here!

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Diesel Secret Energy

http://www.dieselsecret.com affiliate program is with Share A Sale