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Audio Retro

Install some modern audio equipment in your old car, without altering its look with a piece of ICE from Audio Retro.

Audio Retro:

"Here at Audio Retro it is our goal to provide high quality digital audio without compromising the originality of your vehicle. Reliability, functionality, portability, and performance are all factors taken into consideration.

With over 20 years of electrical engineering experience, Audio Retro was founded with the greatest intention - to provide an answer to the recurring question, 'How can I get a quality stereo system without removing my original AM radio?'

We have seen a wide variety of attempted 'fixes,' but nothing really solved the problem. Some people installed secondary CD units in their glovebox or under the dash, while others purchased an overpriced replica AM/FM radio with CD-changer. These modifications not only left the buyer with poor audio quality, but they forced them to make sacrifices in one area or the other.

Do I want to keep the original radio and cut up my dash to install an aftermarket CD player? Or, do I want to buy a 'replica' AM/FM radio and toss my original to the curb? The systems we have developed here at Audio Retro combine the best of both worlds.

Every aspect of our system has been meticulously planned - from the 100% reversible installation, to the gold-plating on all of of our connecting components.

Audio Retro manufactures high quality MP3 stereo systems for classic cars, trucks, and hotrods. Keeps your AM radio intact".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Audio Retro affiliate program was with ClickXChange. The link was but this has disappeared and so the page has had to be bunged up. A shame, but there are other Hi-Fi and Car Accessories pages here. 2011/07: It now seems that even their www has disappeared. That's sad.