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List of Pages about Google

The Google Problem In Google We (no longer) Trusthas become such a vexing issue that I have written various pages about it, which cover different aspects of the problem.

This is effectively a contents page for the material here about the Google fiasco, which collectively form the Google Feature.

List of pages begins...

Google - a page about Google, written initially some years ago when Google was still some good. The page now also contains a list of places which criticise Google, some of them quite strongly.

You can Report Cheating - obsolete, because now you can't report cheating.

Stupid Google Updates - satirical parody of the ridiculous Google Updates

Google Problem - paranoia and speculation in a climate of fear which has resulted because of Google's misbehaviour

Why Google Offends me so - a personal perspective on the Google outrage

Page Title Mangling - the bad practice exposed

Stuff Google! - down with Google!

Google Haunted by Ghosts - haunted by ghosts because of the suicide of webmasters?

Google is Flawed - the fallibility exposed

Google Has Alienated us - join the club!

Let's replace Google - opportunities for new search engines to take the place of Google

What if Google went bankrupt - how we would cope quite easily

Experiment into what if Google went bankrupt - experimentally banning Google for a week and finding the Internet actually improves! The page also includes alternatives to various Google lines, including Alternatives to Google Earth

How to get rid of Google as your homepage

In Google We (no longer) Trust - images

This Page - included in the list for completeness

Also see...

Search Engines

Search Engine Problems

How to Build a Search Engine properly

I know this is starting to sound a bit like "Where Google Went Wrong"... "Some More of Google's Greatest Mistakes"... and "Who is this Google Company Anyway?", but it has to be commented upon!

Of course I would be happy if Google were to contact me and we could talk over some of these issues. If I am mistaken about some of these things, I am willing to make changes to the shpiel. Part of the problem is that Google won't talk.In Google We (no longer) Trust

There is some previous form to this, because a few years ago Yahoo was uncontactable about a terrible matter of plagiarism, and there was a lot of stuff criticising Yahoo because of this, but in the end Yahoo became contactable and the whole matter was resolved diplomatically and amicably. Let's hope Google can be sensible in a similar way, or it might just end up being "Well That About Wraps It Up For Google".