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Google Haunted?

The search engine that was once some good, could now be haunted by Ghosts!

A long time ago Google used to be a good search engine producing relevant results. But that was a long time ago before corporate greed, short-termism, and bad algorithm decisions got the better of it. Various stupid Google updates and the mangling of web page titles have left Google with irrelevant spamline results instead of relevant real content results from proper websites that have actual content. Very sad.

Mine is not the only Real Content website that's been unfairly downrated by Google's misbehaviour, and many people are finding that Google has alienated us. It may be that the dark halls of Google's buildings are starting to be haunted by the ghosts of the webmasters whose suicides are because of Google's short-termist corporate attitudes.

It's no good Google making public statements denying that their corporate offices are haunted. They are so secretive that for all we know they've got ectoplasm oozing out of their I/O ports.

In addition to the people who have been sorely wronged by Google and have killed themselves, there's another ghost which haunts Google. That is, the Ghost of Google Past. This is a spectre that looms large and gaunt. Google of the present day lives in the dark shadow cast by the Ghost of Google Past.

That ghostly shadow is cast by the fact that for many years Google was Good. It was THE search engine. People trusted Google. With this situation now being in the past, the Google of the present age skulks like a churchmouse in the dark shadow of the church tower-like image of Google Past.

That image of Google's past will come to haunt Google, because people remember how Google used to be. They say "Ooh look at Yandex! It's a decent search engine with relevant results, like Google used to be in 2006", or "Have you seen Blekko? It's a spam-free search engine, like Google was before it started having loads of spamlike naff sponsored results!", or even "I know Duck Duck Go is a silly name for a search engine, but at least they've got a proper privacy policy, not like Google at all!".

When I die, which might be quite soon, who knows?, I intend to have my body frozen in liquid nitrogen (Cryonics), but I have some ideas for a list of people and places I would haunt as a ghost. Google is a place that richly deserves to be haunted. It could be Google is haunted by spirits of the dead, and by a general air of guilt because of the wrong things that have been done.

It would not surprise me that sooner or later there will be news of mysterious goings-on in the Google offices where strange events and weird sightings are being manifested, and people tuned to that sort of thing are starting to sense it, especially at night. It can be quite spooky in some of those places.

Google is to blame for fouling up the world of search, and poetic justice can be upon Google. Things didn't need to be this way, but that's usually the way of things with history, like the ongoing regret about the USA invading various countries. Or to put it another way, they'll rue the day. (That is, they'll regret the day and feel bad about it in the future, long-term).

You don't have to believe in ghosts to see the sort of other things that will happen. As soon as people start to realise they are mugs for sticking with a search engine that churns out results that no longer live up to expectations, people's search engine allegiance will migrate to other search engines. After a while the graphs of "number of searches per day" at Google will start to tail off, and then the shareholders on the open market will start to get uneasy about their money being in Google. After a few of them pull out their shareholding, it will cause the share price to fall, and like any other public corporation, there is a risk of a "run on the bank" where there's a landslide fall in the price as panic sets in. This happened with the Facebook disaster on the first day of their trading shares, where the price fell below the release price on the very first day of trading. Companies with no physical assets are especially vulnerable to this sort of thing!

Although Google is doing quite well on the share market (see Yahoo and type in GOOG to get the current Nasdaq price), it's never good to rely on the shares always being safe. History tells some sorry tales of woe about cases where that's been done in the past, on a variety of corporate concerns. The stockmarket's history is littered with tales of ruin, right from the South Sea Bubble to the Dot Com Bubble. There is one certainty: These won't be the last!

This may seem like hardline stuff, the idea of dead people haunting Google's offices, but the severity of the Google Problem is so severe because people have put their trust in Google and now that trust is betrayed. Many honest people's businesses have been ruined by the ridiculous Google Updates, and it is a logical consequence that there will have been some suicides. Some of the people who have been ruined by Google will have killed themselves. Death certificates tend not to say "Cause of Death: Google" and instead just say "Cause of Death: Suicide".

Admittedly the question of the haunting is dependent on the existence of ghosts. However, many people believe in ghosts, and there is some evidence to suggest ghosts exist, although it's not proven.

The next step is quite logical. If you've died because you were ruined and you know it was Google that was to blame, the idea of going and haunting Google to get some revenge on them is something that would naturally come to your ghostly mind, wouldn't it?

This is something that's occurred to me, and I'm not even dead yet!