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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus is any condition in which the PANCREAS fails. This can happen by:

There being no pancreatic function results in problems associated with there not being enough insulin in the bloodstream. This means that food is digested but not absorbed, so there is a kind of starvation effect because you're not getting enough fuel, but also there is a set of problems with all that dangerous fuel slooshing about in the bloodstream. If you were a car you'd have fire coming out of your exhaust, and this is how to test for diabetes, by checking to see if there's any glucose fuel in urine. Other effects to do with having too much glucose about are various types of long-term damage to the body.

Scared you've got diabetes? If you are wondering whether you've got diabetes, you can easily get it checked, preferably by a doctor, or you can scare yourself by getting a test-strip from someone who has got diabetes (not recommended), but THE symptom of diabetes is THE DIABETIC THIRST. "Oh no! I've got diabetes because I drink a lot!" ... no, to be the DIABETIC THIRST you can drink two pints of lemonade and immediately feel the need to drink some more. If you are shown a picture of a lake, your first thought may be drinking.

If you really have caught diabetes, don't despair! There are things that can be done about it, and in the long term a cure will be found.

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Link to the diabetes index page