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Air drying machines, which solve condensation problems

Dehumidifiers are machines which take dampness and moisture out of the air, making it less humid. Air normally contains quite a lot of moisture, which can be measured using a hygrograph or hygrometer. Also see thermohygrographs. Dehumidifiers are especially useful in damp cold conditions where the humidity is such a problem that condensation occurs. Condensation, water dripping down the walls, tends to spoil the wallpaper and can cause mould, fungus, and other unwelcome side-effects.

However, dehumidifiers are useful in a variety of situations, not just where there is condensation.

You may be interested to know, most dehumidifiers work like refrigerators, (see how a fridge works). Although they don't pump heat in or out of the box, there is a cold part and a hot part inside the dehumidifier, and it is the cold part which tempts moisture in the air to form condensation. The condensation is inside the unit and then drips into a special bucket inside the box, which can then be emptied.

Water from dehumidifiers is distilled water! After all, it has been condensed from vapour in the air. Many applications that require distilled water can utilise dehumidifier water.

Tea from a Dehumidifier : Using water from a dehumidifier to make tea is questionable, though. I have tried this, and found that the dehumidifier-water tea is distinctly flavoured with the essence of the aroma of the room which was being dehumidified. The smell of the carpets, wallpaper, furniture, and any scientific experiments that were carried out in the room all add to the flavour. It's amazing how the different rooms in the house each have their own unique smell/flavour! It's like photography of flavour!

I believe dehumidifiers can be used as emergency drinking water supplies in some conditions. Also, it's interesting to see how much water can be extracted from tropical air. I know dehumidifiers aren't usually used in hot conditions, but I've found that the dehumidification makes the air less uncomfortable, and it's relative cheap to run a dehumidifier.

Surprisingly, dehumdifiers can be used as a method of getting rid of cat fleas, so I have heard. By drying the air out, the conditions can become too dry for fleas to survive in the carpets.

I hope that a dehumidifier company has an affiliate program, as this page would be useful to connect up to a dedicated page on this site about dehumidifier supplies!

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Micro-Dehumidifiers are small boxes which dehumidify bathrooms etc. They have no mains plug, and are available from pound-shops. Unsurprisingly these items do not have a compressor or refrigeration cycle! They work by having some crystals of silica-gel which attract moisture. After collecting a pint or two of water, the device is usually finished and disposable. However, I have found they can be recharged by boiling away all the water so the silica gel can be dry again.