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Hale Groves

Hale Groves

If you love your Citrus Fruit, they don't come much better than the ones you can find at the Hale Groves website - yum yum!

Hale Groves:

"In 1939 when Steve Hale, Jr. was a student at Georgia Tech, he visited Vero Beach, Florida during a Spring break.

While exploring this beautiful little town for the first time, he met an elderly man who opened up a whole new world for him. This person, because of his poor health, had moved south from New Jersey to Vero Beach and started his own mail order fruit shipping business.

Proudly showing Steve around his small packinghouse, he gave Steve a sample of his fresh, just picked, tree-ripened fruit. Steve had never tasted oranges and grapefruit so sweet and juicy.Hale Groves

Before leaving to go back to school, he found out that Vero Beach was located in the very heart of the Indian River citrus belt, even then known for growing the best tasting Florida Oranges and grapefruit.

Hale Indian River Groves is located in Indian River County near Vero Beach and Wabasso, the very heart of the famous Indian River Citrus Belt - a relatively small but premier citrus producing area in Florida.

Hale Groves is fortunate to have a special combination of rich soil, ample water supply, and moderate climate - very rarely reaching a freezing temperature.

All this, combined with our modern grove management, are contributing factors that make our oranges and grapefruit the juiciest and best tasting you will find".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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