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Mayonnaises Through the Ages

A selection of historic jars of mayonnaise from 1987 to 2006, these items could have been eaten at some time but were instead just KEPT!

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This Mayonnaise has waited for many years. If you've not got broadband please wait for the big picture to load!

Mayonnaises Through the Ages

The catalogue of this collection of antiquated mayonnaise is as follows reported on Wednesday 2005/11/09 17:14:03:

Mayonnaises through the ages. From left to right:

1. Heinz Mayonnaise 2.27 litres. Bought in 1987 from the cash & carry. Cost £4.35. Code number 5 000157 006400. No best-before date visible. Smell: Unknown as the top firmly stuck on, and also shows signs of being forcibly gripped for removal at some previous, forgotten date, after which it was presumably re-sealed.

2. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. 200g. Bought from Spar. Price now illegible. Best before end December 1990. Smell (2005): Quite rancid.

3. Asda Real Mayonnaise 250ml. Cost 49p. Best Before October 2002. Time 13:10. Smell: Not too bad considering. Tempting to see if they'll go by the guarantee of satisfaction of money back guarantee etc.

4. Asda Real Mayonnaise 500ml e best before April 2002. L2132 time 21:55. recyclable glass. smell (2005): a bit iffy.

5. Asda real Mayonnaise 1 litre best before end November 2003. a bit watery. smell: almost like pickled fish.

6. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 400g with free recipe booklet offer. Best before July 2004. Unopened. Sealed. Has been in the fridge for some of the time.

7. Asda real Mayonnaise BBE March 2005 L4111 12:29 500ml e suitable for vegetarians. Looks decidedly manky, but the smell... a bit like cream cheese with vinegar.

8. Asda real Mayonnaise 500ml code W2108 9336G. Best before end July 2006. Smell: creamy.

9. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 400g best before June 2006. Looks edible. Smell: Quite good and a bit spicy. Code 5 000184 321064. UK Freefone 0800 435 562.

Special note: All of these items were perfectly ok when new and the inclusion of any ancient mayonnaise in this picture is no reflection of the quality of the brands of mayonnaise when new. I'm sure they were all delicious at the time! What's more curious is the idea that anyone would keep them for so long, and only consider having a mayonnaise clear-out when the pressing issue of emigration for tax purposes became apparent.

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Mayonnaise contains eggs, but you knew that. Ethical historical note on Mayonnaises through the ages: Before 2008, most of the mayonnaise available contained battery chicken eggs. However, there is reform as some of the notable makers of mayonnaise are moving towards producing mayonnaise with free range eggs. A special acknowledgement to HELLMANNS, who set a good example by making a pledge on TV in January 2008.