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Earthrise Foods

Earthrise Foods

Keep the Whole Family Healthy

Some people believe, that in order to stay healthy you need to add some natural supplements to your diet. If you are one of those people, then Earthrise Foods can help. They stock a range of products to help with your weight, digestion, fitness and more.

Earthrise Foods:

"Earthrise Foods is a family business started because of a keen interest in natural products and natural health. We couldn't understand why natural, healthy products were of such poor quality, with such a high price tag.

All of our herbal extracts are sourced from the UK or US. We do not buy any products from the Far East unless we can be certain of their provenance and quality. All of our capsules are filled by us in the UK using only the purest ingredients.

The quality of our products is now second to none and you will find that our prices are among the most competitive to be found anywhere".

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Earthrise Foods

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