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The Old-Fashioned Online Sweetshop.

This is the most delicious page we have - A Quarter Of. If you love sweets this is the page for you, young or old you are sure to find something to make your mouth water...

"Welcome to A Quarter Of... the old-fashioned sweetshop with all your favourites - from flying saucers, floral gums, and sweet tobacco to shrimps, sherbet pips and space dust... and over 500 more!!

News and Special Offers:

We have added something new to A Quarter Of... which we knew you'd love (because it involves us giving you free gifts!!)

Just shop as normal and, according to the size of your order, the free gifts will appear in your basket automatically for you to choose one from. At the moment we have these for you to choose from (see site for details).

The range changes quite frequently so just see what pops up as you fill your basket (oooeeerr!!!)"

Here are some helpful shipping questions and answers supplied by A Quarter Of:

"Where do you ship to?

All over the World except US and Canada - due to insurance reasons.

Why can't I order from the USA or Canada?Wispa bars are back

Due to circumstances beyond our control we can not send our sweets to the USA and Canada.

The reason for this is that we send all of our products with product insurance, and we are unable to secure cover for shipments to the USA and Canada (much as we would love to).

Unfortunately we can not make exceptions to this - we just can't risk sending products uninsured".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


A Quarter Of

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Update 2007/10 news: Cadburys WISPA bars are back! Isn't that good?! I know they are traditionally eaten cold, but I found they were especially tasty if microwaved for exactly the right number of seconds. If you'd like to try this you'll have to experiment as microwave ovens vary in power. But first, get your Wispa bars!

Shame about USA and Canada. I wonder if any of our insurance companies could help?