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Auravita is one of those websites, like Zyra, where it is impossible to take everything in after one visit! A sample of the products on offer are Vitamins, Health & Beauty products, Kitchenware, Specialist Food ranges. Only by taking a look, will you see the full range.


"We are one of the UK's largest online e-tailers established in 1999 currently selling products from a catalogue including Vitamins, Health & Beauty products, Kitchenware, Specialist Food ranges and more.

Our extensive catalogue boasts over 47,000 product offerings from a kaleidoscope of brands and manufacturers worldwide, offering everything you could possibly need to suit your individual lifestyle.

We introduce about 500 new products every month.

We have a vast array of repeating customers and our big brands include Eylure, Philips, Viviscal, PurePortions & WMF to name a few".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.auravita.com affiliate program was with Webgains. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Health page.

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