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La Cense Beef

La Cense Beef

We are complete carnivores at Zyra, so it gives us immense pleasure to promote La Cense Beef. Eat more beef - it makes perfect Cense to us!

La Cense Beef:

"One of Montana’s oldest cattle ranches, La Cense Beef is located in the heart of the Montana's renowned beef producing region.

La Cense Beef is built on a longstanding and proud history of cattle ranching with a deep commitment to quality.

La Cense Beef provides a truer, more sophisticated beef flavor. La Cense Beef is all-natural, 100% grass-fed beef and has a superior nutritional profile that offers significant health benefits.

Our beef is low in fat & calories and heart friendly with great taste.

Our 100% grass fed beef comes directly from our ranch to you. We are committed to a more natural and compassionate approach to ranching.

We are not part of a consortium of ranchers, nor are we middlemen. We do the ranching, the selling, and the packing.

That is how we can ensure its quality and guarantee your satisfaction.

We are proud to announce that La Cense Beef is the first grass fed program to be audited and approved under the new USDA Grass fed Standard!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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La Cense Beef

http://www.lacensebeef.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction. The link was http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-779027-10484512 but it is no more (bunged), as the company says "We just decided on a new company policy to expire all publishers with an IP address outside the US". Well, it makes no Cense to me! Remember: It doesn't matter where the affiliate lives; it's where the customers live that's important. You can see these pages in the USA just like anywhere else in the world. See Regional Policy. By the way, if you like beef, Omaha Steaks is a company that supplies beef in the United States, and there's no problem with the affiliate living in a tax haven!