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50+ Funeral Plans

Rather than leaving everything to chance, it's better to plan your funeral arrangements up front. Golden Charter is a helpful organisation to know, and they seem quite open-minded about unusual individualistic funeral arrangements and the respect for different people's wishes. (I would like to be frozen in liquid nitrogen (cryonics), but that's not everyone's cup'o'tea). Some people would prefer to be cremated and their remains blasted into outer space, and others would like to be turned into diamond. Then again, there are many people who would like an old-style funeral, but with everything being organised properly in advance.

Golden Charter helps by giving you the chance to pay for it all in advance rather than waiting until you die, when the prices have gone up. As well as making good financial sense, it also means that your individual wishes can be recorded and then carried out as you will have requested.

If you take out a "plan" with Golden Charter, you get your membership card. The card has a special number, and in the event of death (or as they say at Golden Charter "when the need arises"), they know what's to be done. You've expressed your wishes in advance, and it's all kept ready to be put into effect. This makes good sense, like having your car with an AA badge and an Autoglass licence holder.Golden Charter

Golden Charter:

"50PlusFuneralPlans.co.uk from Golden Charter.

Golden Charter is the UK's largest independent pre-paid funeral plan provider. More than 750,000 people in the UK have bought a funeral plan and nearly 250,000 of them have been with Golden Charter.

Golden Charter supports and is fully owned by independent Funeral Directors - any pre-paid funeral plan bought through us will be handled at time of death by an independent funeral director (2,100 UK wide accept our plan - the largest network in the UK).

50+ FuneralPlans.co.uk has three plans available paid either upfront or by fixed monthly payments.

A Pre-Paid funeral plan is a financial service allowing people to pay in advance for their (or a loved ones) funeral.

Aside from allowing funeral costs to be paid for in advance, it also saves money by avoiding future price rises, relieves loved ones of the financial burden, and allows people to customise their funeral the way they want it.

People choose to purchase plans through Golden Charter as we're the UK’s largest independent pre-paid funeral plan provider, as we are one of the most affordable providers around, as we allow people to use their local independent funeral director, and as all money for funeral costs is held in a completely separate trust to ensure all future plan costs are met".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Golden Charter

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