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Ariel Automatic Washing Powder. Now if I was to tell you that Ariel washes clothes "whiter than white" or something like that, would you just take my word for it? Ariel AutomaticHow about a free sample so you can try it yourself? That's what's on offer, a free sample, available by applying online here. "Ariel with Quickwash Action is an upgrade to the whole Ariel product range. The consumer benefit is that Ariel can even be used in your machine's quickwash cycle - saving you time when you need things done quickly, and thus helping you get your laundry under control". The key feature of this is that you can apply online and get a free sample of Ariel Automatic Quickwash Action and try it for yourself. The people who make Ariel Automatic are confident that you'll be impressed and go on to buy packs of the stuff, so this suggests it must be good! Give it a try. (Only one sample per household).

This is where the link Was!

But look, it's not a complete wash-out, as you are welcome to type in some of the URLs below. However, what's sad about this is the short-termism. Ariel Automatic announced this affiliate program around Christmas 2003 and work started on this page. But within a week or so, even before the page had gone online, the affiliate program was cancelled! That's not how we do business here. We're not in the short term spam splat-advertising market to just flog stuff and forget it. We're in business for the long view. An affiliate is not just for Christmas!Ariel Automatic

Don't get me wrong: I don't doubt Ariel Automatic, made by Procter and Gamble, is good stuff. It's just that I think that in this case it's the marketing operation that's not been clean. Shame really, because it would have been good to put Ariel Automatic on the page of Famous Brand Names advertised at this site, a place a bit like the Shopping Portal. Still, maybe there's hope yet. Hey, people at Ariel Automatic! How about some long-term advertising here?!

This dedicated affiliate page has become quite notorious, as the affiliate program lasted for only a week around Christmas 2003, and it's still up! Think of all the business Ariel Automatic could have had during the years, and which they missed out on because their marketing was such short-term! This stands as a lasting image to show companies to have good long term affiliate marketing! Look at the companies here which HAVE had a good long term affiliate marketing program. They have sold millions! For example, many of the places at the Shopping Portal and Famous Brand Names , and affiliate program () GONE!

Anyway, in case you're wondering, what is an affiliate program?

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Well done to Ariel on being .info! That's good! See, webdomains don't have to be COMmonplace.

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