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Merchants who really Should have an Affiliate Program!
A list of companies whom we would like to promote on an Affiliate Program. This is an opportunity for the more enterprising affiliate marketing companies to chase up some new leads and drum-up new business.

Please read all of this page carefully including all the notes, because what I'm suggesting is something which takes a bit of explaining. There's some background to this, but you probably know this bit:

I am ZYRA. I have been running this website Zyra.NET and Zyra.org.uk for many years now. It's a website well-liked by a great people, as it is a Real Content site with pages about all kinds of things. People discover the site in a search for something and they find a helpful explanation and it helps them. How the site makes money is by having dedicated pages about companies, connected up via affiliate programs. Because I insist of freedom of speech I can be quite candid about the companies, and customers love this! For this reason, and for other reasons, I am a successful affiliate, and I am emigrating for tax purposes.

Now the thing about an affiliate program is that it's a long-term arrangement. It's a bit like "an affiliate is not just for christmas!". Affiliates only need to be paid when they do any good, so there's no harm in having a good long-term affiliate program and give everyone a chance. Having an affiliate program, for a company, is part of the "Marketing" or "eCommerce", and it will almost certainly be profitable if it's done properly. I'm not an affiliate marketing company myself, but I have a list of affiliate marketing companies here. I am an affiliate.

I wrote this page when I realised how much good the page of companies who should have an affiliate program AGAIN was doing! That is the page "Bunged Up" which lists all the pages which have been written about companies and then they've gone and lost their affiliate program. The page does some good as it helps affiliate marketing companies to tempt some of them back into being on the books again and having a new affiliate program.

Anyway, here is a list of Companies it would be nice to have an affiliate program with!:

Harvey Nichols - http://www.harveynichols.com/ - Well, Harrods used to have an affiliate program. However, I've always felt welcome at Harvey Nicks. A special commendation to some of the staff!

Moben - www.moben.co.uk - They'd get a dedicated page linked from Kitchen

Poundstretcher - We are not sure if the web address is www.instoreretail.co.uk

DFS / SCS / CSL and other companies that advertise three-piece suites in TV commercials - The Furniture page awaits! Discount furniture companies such as CSL, SCS, and DFS, have been trying to outdo each other on the TV commercials with various different sales shpiel. Now is the time they had online percentage per-sale affiliate programs as well! Interesting to note, it will be the first one to have an affiliate program that will gain an advantage over the others.

The Panama Canal - I suggest affiliates are paid a modest commission based on the shipping tonnage attracted, and I think that the promotion will go well when the Panama Canal Expansion is complete.

Kentucky Fried Chicken - currently with a free link on the Fast Food page.

Iberia Airline - currently with a free link on the Airlines page. However, I think Iberia could have a dedicated page like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic etc.

Cunard - especially for the World Cruises. Instead of a free link on the Cruise page, a dedicated page like the Thomas Cook page would be good. I'd also like P&O to have an affiliate program for their world cruises, rather than just the cross-channel ferries, although it is good to be able to promote this as well.

Somerfield - currently with a free link on the list of Supermarkets. However, an affiliate program could promote this to become more like the situation here with Tesco and Asda

Morrisons - another free link on the list of Supermarkets. But of course an affiliate program could promote this to be more like the situation here with Tesco and Asda

Burger King - currently with a free link on the Fast Food page. Well Done to Burger King for exposing the tawdriness of Social Networking and especially the cheap devaluation of so-called "friends" on Facebook. Down with Facebook! Anything that helps to defeat the evil of Facebook, it must be good. Sell ten of your so-called "friends" and get a hamburger. Whopper Sacrifice?

John Peters - see Furniture

Boyes - often mispronounced as "Boyses" - the proposed dedicated page would be part of Fishing Tackle and Beauty as they have an exceptional range!

Aldi - on the Supermarkets page.

Lidl - on the Supermarkets page.

GM - General Motors. Well Done to them for dumping Facebook!

United Carpets and Beds - they'd be in Carpets and Beds

QD Stores - in some high streets, they have replaced Woolworths. As well as trading from ex-Woolworths shops, they seem to have some things of a similar spirit to Woolworths, with stuff being on sale cheaply, and a wide range of goods available. On looking into the idea of there being a QD Stores affiliate program, it seems that the physical address of QD Stores and that of Lathams Fishing are the same. So, in theory at least, the people who run the Lathams Fishing affiliate program could expand into having an affiliate program for the entire range of stuff on sale at QD Stores.

Car Manufacturers - I, as an affiliate, would like to be paid a modest percentage for each actual sale of a new car. Maybe various car makers would be interested in having a real affiliate program. I know Toyota had an affiliate program a while ago, but it had the wrong emphasis, being a payment for each free glossy brochure ordered. As I'm sure you can guess, this was prone to fraudulent behaviour by unscrupulous affiliates, and also it was a capped program. Instead, if affiliates were only paid if the car makers sold a car, then that would be much better! Plus, being an affiliate with real content, I can write about the finesse of the engineering of the vehicle in question. For example, if it's an eco-hybrid car that runs on ethanol and wind-power, levitates above the ground by mag-lev technology, and is designed with considerate design to be easily repairable by the DIY enthusiast and comes with a complete set of workshop manuals, I'll be writing about it and extolling the virtues of the technology to the customer!

Magnet Joinery - kitchens, home appliances, DIY, etc. They're on the telly, so how about having an affiliate program as well? - see Kitchens

Calor Gas - even though there may or may not be issues with old gas cylinders anymore, there is renewed interest in Calor Gas since they started advertising on TV the possibility of domestic-scale CHP (Combined Heat and Power) where you can generate your own electricity as a side-effect of having a gas boiler! "It's not just LPG, it's L P Genius". An affiliate program would be connected with Ecological Resources

Linux Distributions - various Linux distributions could do with an affiliate program, including Red Hat (Fedora), Debian, Novell (SuSE), Canonical (Ubuntu) etc - any Linux distro that has support or an Enterprise edition - also see Linux

Fletcher and Newhouse - international movers

Sharps - bedrooms

Dolphin - bathrooms

Galileo - the commercial high-accuracy version of GPS

Metro Bank - We could help to promote that, to help to stop the UK Bank market from stagnating. Metro Bank would get a dedicated page, rather than just a free link from Finance

Funky Pigeon .com - Personalised Greeting Cards
also MoonPig - ditto

Best Buy Mobile - They are Carphone Warehouse but in the USA. They'd be on the Cellphones category with a dedicated page.

OP3.co.uk - Makers of the OP3 Nucleus, a Linux-based computer at a sensible price, with support included.

Xchanging - Corporate procurement. Sponsors of the Boat Race 2011. Now surely they will be having an affiliate program?

Scottish Tourist Board - their interesting atmospheric television ads could be well complemented by some commentary online about personal experiences

TopShop - Arcadia Group and TopShop - Well done to them for sensible tax avoidance! As with Fortnum and Mason, let's promote them here! Also see The Tax Haven Escape!

Liberty - Shop Liberty.co.uk - would merit a dedicated page connected from the Shopping Portal

Trivago - a travel site, much advertised on the TV, but they really could do with having an affiliate program! There'd be a dedicated page connected from Travel

House of Reeves - furniture shop which could do with an affiliate program to help make up for the riots.

Tk Maxx - as well as complementing their TV ad campaign, it would also get a back-link from the old news about the Tk Maxx fraud

Now a few notes about the idea:

* If your company is on this list, I'm suggesting that you get an affiliate program. This could be good for business. Of course there's no guarantee it will be, but I'm sufficiently sure it will be that I am willing to have pages created and if it doesn't work then I don't get paid! More about this at the page of What Affiliate Marketing Means for Your Company (as a merchant). I invite you to shop around these affiliate marketing companies and get the best deal. Then let me know!

* If you get an affiliate program, and if you accept me on it, you'll no longer have a link on this page, but instead you'll have a dedicated page. Some companies have been lucky enough to have more than one page about them on this site.

* To see what a dedicated page looks like here, go to Categories, look up your own line of business and follow the link, and then follow a few links to pages. Caution: You might find your competitors are already featured. If so, don't worry, there's plenty of market, and you could have a dedicated page too.

* Affiliate Marketing Companies are invited to see if they can tempt any of these places onto their books. This page is a resource, like the bunged up page and the corked page, and here are opportunities for good business waiting to happen.

* Customers reading this page wondering whether it makes any sense are invited to read What Affiliate Marketing Means for the Customer, and also to have a browse around the Shopping Portal and List of Famous Names

Since this page has been created, places that have been invited and then got an affiliate program include Fortnum and Mason , Tom Tom , CPC , Farnell , Barker and Stonehouse , Dyno-Rod , Southern Electricity , Bath Store , Santander Bank , Barclays Offshore , and there are several others thinking about it!