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Despite their name British Airways don't just fly the British! Infact, they'll let anyone fly with them from various destinations around the world. Have a look and see for yourself.


British AirwaysBritish Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to over 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports.

Whether customers are in the air or on the ground, British Airways takes pride in providing a full service experience.

The British Airways group consists of British Airways PLC and a number of subsidiary companies including in particular British Airways Holidays Limited and British Airways Travel Shops Limited.

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News 2009: Virgin Air and British Airways to ban passengers from travelling if the unqualified staff diagnose that the passengers might possibly have Swine Flu. This means that potentially you could be trapped in a foreign country with a suspected disease. Beware of this kind of nonsense and either travel with other airlines or make sure your travel insurance covers you against this type of thing!

News 2010: Well Done to the chairman of British Airways for speaking out about the airport security nonsense! He's right, and it's about time that the ritual humiliation of passengers was stopped. It's silly, does very little for actual security, and is just for show. Also see Avoid Transit of USA

Also well done to British Airways for allowing the person with disabilities which required their luggage to be heavier, to have an additional baggage allowance. If this sounds relevant to your own case, you should talk to the Medical Clearance department, Mon-Fri daytime or Saturday early.