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The Toyota Motor Company of Japan. They make good cars, and they're well respected in Belize, and they have a UK affiliate program, so, why don't they have a glorious page at Zyra's website telling you about the finer points of the latest Toyota cars and how they've made new advancements in technology which you can enjoy if you buy yourself a Toyota Car?!

The reason is relatively simple: It is the way the Toyota affiliate program was being run. Having a series of boom-and-bust capped affiliate campaigns is all very well if you are into splat advertising, but it's no fun at all if you like a reliable long-term marketing which goes on being continuously good for business month on month, year on year. I've seen the Toyota affiliate program appear, and the announcement coming up that you are supposed to have a huge "push" to clear the stock of five thousand brochures! Well that's no good! - Why didn't they print more brochures?! I know some good print companies who can print hundreds of thousands of glossy brochures and then we can get on with helping to sell cars in a way which will never run out!

To be entirely honest about it, I would prefer to be paid commission at a sensible rate per actual car sold, rather than for how many brochures are handed out. Any fool can lure people into ordering free brochures, and it's a problem because it can attract dishonourable incentivised leads, which might be good for the glossy brochure paper pulp recycling business but it's less helpful at actually getting people to buy a new car! I'd much rather attract customers of the type who will get their cheque book out and write a valuable piece of paper and have their new vehicle delivered to them with "sold - paid in full" attached.

I look forward in hope that Toyota will have a new improved affiliate program in which we the affiliates are paid for real business and real sales in a good long-term arrangement where we can help Toyota to sell cars into the distant future. Good affiliate marketing is like electricity supply, where the supply is continuous and doesn't have embarrassing stops and starts. If the power was cut half of the time, it would be a serious loss of face on the part of the company.

As a gesture of good will, we'll still give you the links to the Toyota company, as we have since Zyra's website first had a Cars category, about 5 or 6 years ago.

Toyota.co.uk and Toyota.com have been linked. Plus there was a note on the Cars page to say "Toyota Prius (www.prius.co.uk site has gone!) - First HYBRID car in UK - clean air - very good in California! Phone: 0845 275 5555 UK"

Hybrid cars? Very good! Much better fuel efficiency. Sensible use of energy especially in traffic. I could tell you a lot more about this, but I would like a more efficient affiliate program first!

In Jeremy Clarkson's 2007 race to the 1996 magnetic north pole, his vehicle of choice was a customised Toyota Hilux; an excellent product endorsement for sure! Incidentally, drinking gin & tonic while driving is legal under some circumstances, such as when driving over the frozen sea (international waters).

Another good point of note is the Toyota Avensis TV commercial "Higher Standard". Instead of the car being associated with showing off, or showing power against someone else, it's shown as being associated with having a higher nature and standard of behaviour ahead of the normal. Well Done!

Regarding the news stories in early 2010 about a recall because of faulty brakes, accelerator pedals, floor mats, etc, let's not over-react. It sounds as if someone is trying to damage the company by generating bad news. The fact is there have not been many accidents which are recorded as being because of the faults in Toyota cars. In contrast, many accidents have been caused by drivers of any make of cars making mistakes, not looking where they are going, making assumptions, or failing to notice something. Statistically, bad weather, poor road conditions, and human error are all much bigger factors in deaths on the road. So, let's stop knocking Toyota! Also, stop believing "scare campaigns". They are often trumped-up for sinister political purposes.

Also, much respect to the Mikado of Toyota! He made a public apology for the technical faults with the cars. This is in sharp contrast to the financial disgrace at the Royal Bank of Scotland where the bank was left with barely a SHRED of Cred! The honourable apology has to be considered in context. British people tend to make apologies where appropriate. Americans make apologies if they have to, although that is rarer; they are not known for being a modest people. But for a Japanese person to make a public apology, that is a very notable situation. In some ways this makes the Toyota company even more worthy of respect than before the technical faults occurred.

Also, Toyota has been one of the pioneers of Hybrid Cars. The Toyota Prius being one of the earliest production hybrids. There's a whole page about Hybrid Cars here.

To tell this website about news such as "Toyota now has a new affiliate program!" please contact us and say! Please note that this is an affiliate information contact, for messages to this website (Zyra.org.uk), and it is not the official Toyota site.

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If you're wondering why Belize was mentioned, it's because when I was in Belize I noticed Toyota had a remarkably good market share of the car market there.