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Not to be confused with the Bank of Scotland (featured at Xyroth's site)

Royal Bank of Scotland
featured at Zyra's independent website

I would be happy to feature the Royal Bank of Scotland at this website which has many well known Banks and Financial Companies on it. However, there is an important issue that has to be resolved first, as freedom of speech is important. Yes, we know about the FSA, but really the FSA are quite happy about the reviews here. Anyone can write a review about a bank, and it's ok provided it's true and isn't misleading. Take a look around some of the interesting pages at this site in the insurance and financial categories, and see for yourself that this is all fair!

If the Royal Bank of Scotland are happy about it, this basic page could be replaced with something more like the feature for Alliance and Leicester or that for Swinton Insurance. These and other pages about banks and finance and insurance have a tendency to do very well here, one possible reason being that folk out there in the wider world like to read reviews and free expression rather than stuff that's all toeing the same party line.

You can still get from this page, basic as it is, to the Royal Bank of Scotland by this link: www.rbs.co.uk , but in the long run it would be nice to create a more cooperative feature here, possibly like the one for Barclays Bank, or even HSBC

As well as promoting banks, Zyra's website also helps to warn people about bank scams! If you receive an email message claiming to be from the Royal Bank of Scotland on the pretence that you need to confirm your identity, don't follow fall for it, as it's almost certainly a HOAX! Various bank hoaxes (including the Royal Bank of Scotland ones) are exposed at the hoax email from bank page!

Royal Bank of Scotland affiliate programs are with a variety of affiliate marketing companies, and it is really a matter of who can get an agreement worked out first!

(This page is at Zyra's website, where independent reviews and good business live in relative harmony)

Incidentally, you can visit the Royal Bank of Scotland Classic Card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, Black Card (not to confused with Blaggard or Blackguard) and Student Card at STAMP DEMON. Plus, there's a very witty review about the Royal Bank of Scotland complete with all kinds of interesting links at Royal Bank of Scotland at Toxic Drums. How about that?!

"Lombard" is a trademark of the Royal Bank of Scotland, even though the word "Lombard" is a very old word and dates back hundreds of years. I would be very wary of joining any Lombard affiliate program, as I know of at least one affiliate who has had a bad experience with Lombard. Also, following on from this, our own page about Lombard Loans has come in for threats by the bank.

Another thing about the Royal Bank of Scotland is that during the credit crunch, the British government bailed out the bank (and at one point owned 84% of the bank). Now although the bank had lost a lot of money because of things to do with the recession, it was decided that the directors of the Royal Bank of Scotland should still receive rather large BONUSES. In contrast, Zyra's website only gets paid if it does any good! This is fair. Well, at the Royal Bank of Scotland there was a feeling about the directors' bonuses that It's Not Fair and that the bankers should still receive bonuses even if the bank had lost money. In the face of such "unfairness" the board of directors threatened to resign en-mass. Well, good for them! I'm sure they'll be able to find a job elsewhere. Plus, it will leave the British government with their newly nationalised bank, putting up adverts for job vacancies. I wonder if anyone will want to do the job, and I wonder how much money they'll expect to be paid. The whole matter of banks losing money and the directors still expecting to be paid success-bonuses and then walking out, leaves an excellent quality of stock, but not on the stock-exchange, more of a laughing-stock for comedians to use. I'll not get personal about it, but I think it's fair to contrast sharply the shocking behaviour at the Royal Bank of Scotland with the very honourable behaviour or the Mikado of Toyota, who made a public apology for some minor technical faults in cars. See, there is still some honour in the world.

If you think this page has a hint of a slightly unsympathetic tone, please bear in mind that the Royal Bank of Scotland previously denied this site on their affiliate program. Their denial may have contributed, everso-slightly, to the bank's lack of profitability. Most of the banks that are on here have done quite well.

Update 2012: Well done to Stephen Hester, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, for declining his bonus. He said "I think it is inappropriate for me to have a bonus this year. We have let our customers down". This shows a certain level of honour and is commendable. It's a very good sign and could mean public confidence improves quite a bit. I believe it's a sign the bank is better run than it was, and it may be that things are going to improve even more now that a responsible philosophy is being applied.

Critics should mind they blame people for what they have done, not what their predecessors have done. Also, some critics seem to have a problem in which they blame people, not for making a mess of things, which would be fair enough, but for simply having a lot of money. This is the politics of envy and it gets like the situation of What have they got against Fortnum & Mason?