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Alliance and LeicesterAlliance and LeicesterAlliance and Leicester Bank - Premier Direct Current Account

The Alliance and Leicester Bank is a well known name in UK finance, offering financial services which are of note, now also including unsecured personal loans. The success of Alliance and Leicester is partly because of the acquisition of Girobank and its connections with The Post Office, plus the existence of branches around the UK.

Here are some of the features an Alliance and Leicester Bank account:

* 0% interest (AER) on overdrafts – earn interest when you are in credit – plus 24 hour banking by phone or web.

* Get the best overdraft deal in the UK by applying for our Premier Direct Current Account today!

* Generally more credit interest than usually expected, with a Premier Direct Current Account

* 0% interest (AER) on your overdraft with a Premier Direct Current Account

At the Alliance and Leicester Bank they say: "The Premier Direct Current Account from Alliance & Leicester is designed to bring you more for your money. If you are 21 or over, and can pay in a minimum of £500 or more each month it could help you with all your financial plans".

I could tell you what the interest rates are, but these are changing, usually for the better. Visit the Alliance and Leicester website for more details.

PLUS: "It can also bring you preferential deals on a whole range of Alliance & Leicester products, including special rates on mortgages and loans, an exclusive instant access Plussaver account, and a credit card that gives you money back every time you use it. It gives you free discounts on car insurance. You can do your banking 24 hours a day by phone or the Internet - and unlike most current accounts that aim to offer you more, there is no monthly or annual fee with Premier Direct Current Account".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Alliance and LeicesterAlliance and Leicester

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