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TK Maxx Credit Card Fraud

Our friends at Credit Expert have helpfully provided this interesting review about the worrying problem which happened with credit cards at Tk Maxx in early 2007.

"Identity fraud continues to be a hot topic in the press – this month (April 2007) we have seen widespread coverage of TK Maxx, who had their customer data stolen by fraudsters. This particular incident has made many UK consumers concerned that they could become a victim of identity fraud".

Credit Expert protects consumers against identity fraud, and the Credit Expert editorial team has produced a hard hitting piece specifically about TK Maxx. We are assured that Tk Maxx isn't to worry about this, as TK Maxx and customers are victims of the scam to a similar extent. It's important to understand here that we're not blaming Tk Maxx! Here's the review...

Protect yourself from the TK Maxx hackers

If you’ve shopped at TK Maxx since December 2002 (up until April 2007), your credit or debit card data could have been stolen in the world’s biggest hacker attack.

At least 45.7 million payment cards have been compromised and criminals could be using the account information to run up debts in the names of millions of innocent people.

If you think you may be at risk, there are some simple precautions you should take as soon as possible.

Check your credit and debit card statements

Look out for suspicious transactions that have taken place at stores, web sites or places you’ve never visited and for items you’ve never bought. If you find anything, contact your bank or card issuer immediately and give them full details.

You should close any card account that you believe has been compromised - but remember that you will have to wait for a new card to be issued, so discuss with your bank how you will get access to your money or credit in the meantime.

Get a copy of your credit report

Your card data could be enough for a criminal to get further credit in your name, such as credit and store cards, loans, mortgages and even mobile ’phone accounts. Your credit report lists all your credit accounts and the searches that lenders have made in response to applications for credit, so you’ll easily be able to see if you have been a victim of fraud.

You can see your Experian credit report for free, with a 30-day trial of CreditExpert, the online credit monitoring and identity protection service. It allows you to check your credit report as often as you like - you should check it regularly, to ensure that everything is as it should be. Click here for your free credit report

Watch out for hoax calls and e-mails

Criminals often take advantage of the scare caused by this kind of incident to try to get personal information - whether the people they target have been affected or not. Never give out personal information, such as your date of birth, bank or card account numbers or NI number to cold callers or e-mailers you do not know. Your credit card details can be used by a fraudster to get access to online services as it’s a means of authenticating you so monitor any suspicious e-mails that you don’t recognise. Do not visit web sites they may direct you to.

Be especially wary of any communications purporting to come from your bank, card issuer or TK Maxx. If you receive this kind of e-mail or call, telephone the organisation yourself, using a number from your own previous correspondence or the phone book. Let them know what has happened and they will investigate.

Don’t panic

If you do find something suspicious in either your card statements or your credit report, contact the relevant organisations, like your bank, immediately.

So don’t delay, make sure you check all your statements and your credit report as soon as you can. Get your free credit report from Credit Expert

I hope there will be a Tk Maxx affiliate program so we can promote the place on this page as well, and maybe even create a new dedicated page! Even if there was a security problem it is something what happened in the past, and you're most likely safe to shop at Tk Maxx now. Once again, it's not the fault of Tk Maxx about the problem.