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Credit Expert

from Experian ®

Are you interested in your credit history? Would you like to know why Finance Companies make the decisions they do about you? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you need the Credit Expert.

"CreditExpert from Experian ®

Credit ExpertCreditExpert is brought to you by Experian, the leading credit reference agency. CreditExpert is the premier credit monitoring and identity fraud protection service available to UK consumers, offering you the opportunity to take control of your personal finances in one of the most important areas - credit.

The majority of UK credit searches - carried out by organisations like banks, finance houses and shops - are made through Experian. CreditExpert allows you to see what they see (helping you to understand the decisions they make about you as a potential borrower), to put records straight if they are inaccurate and to help identify any identity fraud as soon as it takes place.

How CreditExpert works:

When you join CreditExpert you receive a free 30-day trial, which will enable you to access your free personal credit report. As a member, you will then enjoy instant online access to your credit report at all times, enabling you to monitor your credit commitments and credit history and, if you choose, your National Credit Score. You will also receive weekly text or e-mail alerts letting you know when significant changes have been made to your credit report. And you get access to Experian credit experts who will help you with any queries.

It's free to check your credit report online:Credit Expert

* you'll get: unlimited online access to your credit report

* knowledge of your credit history before you apply for a financial product

* e-mail and text alerts for early fraud detection

* free phone advice from credit reference specialists

* credit tips and tools to help you manage your money

* opportunity to buy your credit score instantly".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Credit Expert

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An update on the Tk Maxx Credit Card scam has been helpfully provided by Credit Expert.