This is a fundamental structure base consideration when designing a society.

The commonly used system of design of societies used to be a Law-based or authority-based system. (Let's not knock such systems too much; they work especially well if the people are stupid). But there is a different way, which has merits over such systems. It is to have the fundamental unit of society being THE INDIVIDUAL.

( In the authority-based system the principle is: Authority controls what you do, or makes up rules which you are compelled to follow. If you disobey you are punished. )

In the autonomy system: You have a set of principles by which you live. You stick to them. You have responsibility to behave in a reasonable way. Effectively, you design your own contract and sign it. The contract is your promise to behave reasonably. You make this public. Other people then treat you appropriately to what you have signed up to.