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"To Boldly Go..."

Official Star Trek site: Star Trek

TrekWeb.com - a Star Trek website, lots of stuff

Star Trek Memory Alpha - encyclopaedic Star Trek resource

Star Trek at the Hitch Hikers Guide

Star Trek is made by Paramount

In case you're interested, there is a Star Trek gambling game at Jackpot Party

Star Trek resources - Home of the Internet's best Star Trek resources, find out everything you want to know about Star Trek. - was http://www.geocities.com/star_trek_fansite2003

Star Trek Links.net - Star Trek Links dot net lists official actor sites from all of the TV series and movies, including guest stars. There is also original photography.

Here's some stuff about The Planet Vulcan

If you are looking for a Tribble, you may be interested to know you can get something of that ilk at Betty's Attic

If you'd like to boldly customise your laptop so it looks like it's something to do with Star Fleet, there's now an option for that via Lapjacks

Exploration continues, and there'll probably be more new life and new civilisations added if they can be found.

Star Trek has been criticised for being too pro-government, and some have said that Star Fleet is run like a fascist military regime with socialist tendencies. Well I wouldn't go so far as to say that Star Trek is fascist propaganda, but I would say that now is the time for Star Fleet to move on from being a pro-establishment government-controls-all political system to being something more towards Libertarianism. How about the writers of Star Trek plotwriting a world revolution in the year whatever it is, to overthrow the world government and to put in something which supports people having personal liberty and the free market economy?!

It's also been said that all of the races from different planets in Star Trek are written to have flaws which infer they are somehow inferior to the great Human race which is seen as an all-conquering dominant power. This is also a bit suspect.

Star Trek enthusiasts/fanatics, Trekkies, are alleged to be "a bit sad" by some people. It's not true.