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The Noble Collection

The Noble Collection

Exclusive Treasures Uncompromising Value

Collectables and a whole lot more at The Noble Collection. They offer prop replicas, licensed jewellery and giftware, made from gold, silver, bronze and pewter.

The Noble Collection:

"The Noble Collection UK offers a fantastic retail opportunity for our many lines of prop replicas, licensed jewellery and giftware, crafted in gold, silver, bronze and pewter.

Licenses include; Harry Potter, Avatar, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Green Lantern, Tin Tin and Batman:The Dark night rises. We can also announce that we are proud to be associated with the Hobbit, one of our great new licences for the coming months!

Year on year our sales have grown and we are expecting an even better year ahead!

Since entering the licensed giftware market in 1991, The Noble Collection has established the premier position in collectible prop replicas, giftware and jewellery.

Bringing heightened concept, detailed sculpture and design to each piece, the company has set new standards that have captured the loyalty of seasoned collectors, and attracted a new generation of enthusiasts".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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The Noble Collection

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