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RU Craft

Are you craft crazy? If you're bonkers about beading, take a look at the RU Craft website - you'll be on there a while!

RU Craft:

"RUCraft is the one stop shop for craft materials, books and kits and is brought to you by the team at Readers’ Union, one of the largest craft mail order businesses in the UK.

With many years experience sourcing new and exclusive craft product from around the world, the site features a broad range of crafts delivered over seven lead product areas.

From papercrafts to cross-stitch, beading and jewellery to knitting, quilting and sewing, there is great value for new and experience crafters alike.

Supporting the site is a growing hints, tips and techniques section that encourages crafters and provides guidance.

Postage and Packaging is competitive and free over £25. There are frequent offers and promotions, while the existing product range is being added to daily".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to Go to The Place!

RU Craft

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